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Get ready to grow your kids program. Like never before.

Whether you’re tired of spending hours and hours planning classes… or your school doesn’t yet have a kids program… SKILLZ gives you everything you need. Right from your computer or tablet.

Classes are already planned. A revolutionary sales approach converts 90%+ of prospects into students. And staff becomes more loyal, easy to train, and passionate than ever.

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SKILLZ won't just help you grow your school. It'll change your life.

Below are some of the most powerful ways schools in over 8 countries are reaping the benefits of this revolutionary program.

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  • Get Ready to Raise Your Prices

    The SKILLZ Connect program comes with an enrollment procedure that converts 90%+ of prospects into students. How is this possible?

    It begins with our “Pre-Evaluation” process that turns a sales presentation into a thorough interview of both parent and child. In fact, you’ll even turn away some students, and your school will still grow!

  • Instant Access to a Library of 600+ Awesome Drills.

    If you ever want to use a different drill than the one provided, you’re always a couple clicks away from our library of 600+ drills and exercises. They’re even organized by age group, skill level, and more.

    That way you’re never left with “blank spaces” or “down time” in your classes. You’ll always have a powerful activity planned that makes you look like the most professional instructor ever.

    In a nutshell: We make you look good.

  • Customize it for Literally any Style.

    We have SKILLZ users who teach kids BJJ, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and just about every other style under the sun. If our drills don’t apply to your style, simply follow our class format, and add in your own drills and exercises.

    Within minutes you’ll have powerful classes planned that your students love… as well as their parents.

  • Age-Specific Training Means No More Chaos!

    If your kids classes have a big range of age groups… you’re probably used to total chaos. It’s not your fault. It’s what we were all taught. But with SKILLZ, you divide kids by age groups based on scientific studies.

    See, different age groups have different motor skills and different cognitive abilities. So agile 8 year olds and 4 year olds who can barely walk will never be in the same class. It just makes sense.


It makes so much sense, you'll kick yourself for not using it sooner.

Discover even more powerful facts about our game-changing program.

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Melody Shuman, founder & creator of SKILLZ Connect explains how it all works...

The Secret of SKILLZ...

At different ages, kids have different motor skills & levels of intelligence. By breaking kids up based on these scientific facts - and giving them EXACTLY what they need at each level - class becomes more powerful, fun, and easy than ever.

And our curriculum is infused with the latest understandings in child psychology and development. This means that your martial arts program isn't just a martial arts program any more...

It's now a child development course.

Parents value this far more, making it easier to sell, and allowing you to charge higher prices WITHOUT seeing a drop in enrollments. In fact, most SKILLZ schools see a dramatic RISE in their student counts, fast.

That's becuase we'll also teach you how to sell the program with our revolutionary approach. You get all this and more when you join the SKILLZ family.

Even more awesome features

If you thought that was all, think again.

  • Amazing Support

    We're here for you 7 days a week to answer any questions you have, and guide you to success.

  • Easily Train Staff

    Just run new staff through the curriculum on your tablet or computer, & they're ready to rock 'n roll fast.

  • Referrals + Retention

    This program will change your students' and their parents' lives. Expect crazy retention & referrals.

  • Never Plan Class Again

    With SKILLZ, you now have every day, week, and month ALREADY planned. That includes tests, too. It's that simple.

  • No More Forms!

    Your membership comes with an arsenal of done-for-you forms that you simply print and deploy. Just one more hassle gone from your plate.

  • Exclusive SKILLZ Partnerships!

The Story: “Why I walked away from a chain of successful schools to create SKILLZ Connect.”

Melody Shuman's Inspiring Tale

My name is Melody Shuman, and I created SKILLZ Connect. Years ago, I ran a successful chain of martial arts schools. I had tons of students. My schools were an integral part of the community.

I was living the dream… right? Wrong!

On paper my life was perfect. But in reality, my school was driving me CRAZY. I was a slave to it. My life revolved around it. I had no personal time, freedom, or even the chance to enjoy the money I was making.

So I made a difficult choice. I walked away from my schools. Wiped my hands clean of 'em. But my story doesn’t stop there. See, my passion in life is teaching martial arts. But I hated the business side of things. It’s what bogged me down… creating schedules, doing sales, marketing my programs, training staff, getting staff to stay happy and on board…

If I could just have a room full of students show up willing and eager to learn – I’d be set for life.

That’s why I did this:

First, I realized there was no way around the business side of things. Instead, I accepted that maybe I was just doing things the WRONG way. Second, after accepting this, I got to work RE-INVENTING these parts of the businesss.

I identified EVERY one of my frustrations – and created a simple, easy, rational solution. Here’s what happened:

- Suddenly I was NOT a slave to my school. I had more free time than ever.

- My classes were EASY and FUN to teach. No more chaos and confusion.

- My profitability went UP like crazy.

- I hired new staff, and in the first 2 years NONE of them took as much as a sick day. They fell in LOVE with my school and my way of doing things. You couldn’t get them to quit if you tried.

That’s when SKILLZ Connect was born.

After teaching what I’ve discovered to hundreds of school owners worldwide, I went to work creating a done-for-you system that you could just pick up and follow. It covers all of the problems most schools face with kids, and gives you a simple solution that WORKS.

Not only that – you can always access everything right from your computer or tablet. So take your time reading all about it and exploring our website.

And if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to my team and me. We’re here to help.


Frequently asked questions

Here's what many school owners have wondered about SKILLZ in the past.

How long is the membership and can I quit at any time?

The SKILLZ membership is a 1-year commitment, with a month-to-month reoccurring membership afterward. With that said, we offer a "90-day out clause". This means that at the 90-day point, you can cancel the agreement if you're not completely satisfied with the membership within the next 30 days.

My school’s primary style is [insert style here]. Can I still use SKILLZ?

Yes! We carefully crafted a “plug 'n play” system that lets any style seamlessly integrate with SKILLZ. Not only that, our support team will walk you through exactly how it's done in your New Member Orientation.

How long does it take to successfully transition the SKILLZ Connect Curriculum?

Our support specialists can help you get running at 100% in 30-days or less. We have all of the tools to help make this happen including downloadable documents for your members, video and webinar training tools for your staff, marketing tools, and unlimited support. You can also network with other SKILLZ Connect schools in our private Facebook page to get feedback on how they transitioned to the SKILLZ Connect platform.

Do I have to change my school’s name to join SKILLZ?

Absolutely not! SKILLZ is the curriculum that you serve within your school. No changes to your business name or logo are ever necessary.

Client Reviews

Read what real school owners like you have experienced with SKILLZ Connect. We hear more and more stories like these every day.

"Makes classes easy to run, fun to participate in, and beneficial for every child..."

“The SKILLZ Connect program has been the most efficient and effective age-based curriculum I have used in over 15 years of teaching.

The organization and simplicity of the website makes it user-friendly to all levels and ages of instructor groups, making classes easy to run, fun to participate in, and beneficial for every child in the programs.”

- Ali Massa, Atlanta Kick

"Since we started, we have had an almost 100% conversion rate of all of our trial students"

“Since joining SKILLZ Connect we have had great success with our children’s programs. Our children have never been happier doing martial arts! We have received positive feedback from many parents. In fact, since we started, we have had an almost 100% conversion rate of all of our trial students into the regular program.

I have been involved in the martial arts for over 35 years and have seen many programs, but I have never seen one as organized and as structured as the SKILLZ Connect program. The organization and support from Master Melody is top notch!”

- Eric Bonifacio, Livermore Martial Arts

"It’s even caught the eye of our competition... they can’t understand how we can charge up to double their price!"

“Since we implemented the SKILLZ program full time we have seen continued growth. We were primarily an MMA school so it took a bit of time to get rolling, mostly because of previous kids were used to Grappling and Muay thai so they were turned off and we lost some students. But I knew deep down they were lacking basic skills that we were not providing them.

So now that we started implementing the SKILLZ program it is our hottest product that we offer, we now use the extreme program and all the kids love it! So do the parents! It’s an easy to use program that makes running a school way more efficient. The SKILLZ program is way ahead of the game with the tablet friendly use, the younger staff that I have love using it on their IPhones, they can study at home or at school only when they are not doing school work of course-lol.

It’s even caught the eye of our competition, they keep inquiring about pricing and can’t understand how we can charge up to double the price!”

- Fred Moreno, CUMMATTA

"Before joining SKILLZ Connect I would spend my whole Sunday creating class plans and trying to come up with new exciting drills."

“Melody Shuman and The SKILLZ program have helped me and my school in so many ways. I give the SKILLZ program credit in helping me grow my business from renting out of a gym to having my own space. Before joining SKILLZ Connect I would spend my whole Sunday creating class plans and trying to come up with new exciting drills.

SKILLZ has an easy to use online platform with outstanding class plans, drills, videos, letters, emails, etc. I now have time to myself and time to spend with family and friends. It’s taken a lot of stress out of my life. One of the things I love the most is their costumer service.

Being a new school owner I have lots of questions. They respond within minutes and help guide you in a direction that will help you and your school grow in a positive way. I’ve been a SKILLZ member for almost a year now and I am still learning what SKILLZ has to offer. Its age specific class plans and exciting drills has separated our school from others in our area. I am grateful for Melody Shuman and the SKILLZ connect family.”

- Sonia Mendez, Symmetry Martial Arts

Leading Industry Experts Chime In...

Here's what some of the most respected leaders in our industry had to say about SKILLZ Connect.

"Your kids programs will never again feel like babysitting."

Mike Parrella, founder of, FC Online Marketing, and Owner of 5 of the Top-Grossing Schools Worldwide

“I've been running my own schools for 20+ years. And I'm also the head of a martial arts marketing company that's privy to the numbers and results of hundreds of schools worldwide. From these two vantage points, I can tell you that SKILLZ makes a difference.

Simply put, schools that use SKILLZ do better. This isn't philosophy or theory - this is just statistical fact.

Melody did what needed to be done. She took the broken systems we've all been taught around kids martial arts, and fixed them. What you're left with is a program that runs SMOOTHLY. Your kids programs will never again feel like babysitting. They'll feel like the highlight of your day."

"Melody's program for children is not just unique, but the most innovative program for kids in modern martial arts."

Ace Ramirez, Creator of the KRU Muay Thai Teaching System

“I have spent over 30 years training in the martial arts in search of the most effective ways to enhance my knowledge as well as the best vehicles to teach my students.

I am lucky enough to have found Master Melody Shuman and have regularly trained with her at my school as well as hers for over a decade. Her program for children is not just unique, but the most innovative program for kids in modern martial arts. I not only endorse her system to my students, but almost every successful martial arts school owner I know implements her program and is globally utilized with results.

I recommend her program with the highest marks!"

"Every school that I have recommended SKILLZ to has seen 60-70% growth from the program."

Nick Dougherty, Renowned Martial Arts Business Coach

“When talking to a school ownerwho needs help with a children's Martial Arts program there is only one person I recommend - Melody Shuman.

The SKILLZ program is a no brainer. It is so easy to follow and prevents you from making costly mistakes. Her passion and attention to detail is unparalleled. Every school that I have recommended it to has thanked me for the recommendation and has seen 60-70% growth from her program.

If you are thinking about using her program, stop thinking and start planning on what you will do with more raving fans and an increased bottom line."

"I recommend SKILLZ to all martial arts school owners."

Ron Sell, Co-Founder of RainMaker

“The beauty of Melody's curriculum is that it was specifically designed to target age groups in the manner that those age groups learn the best. The student learns more quickly and enjoy their training more, creating a better student.

For the instructor, it lets them teach new material in new ways at each stage of the student's life. And it's easy to follow. You do not have to be a child psychology expert, you just follow the easy step by step plan, and soon you will be a child expert.

I recommend SKILLZ to all martial arts school owners."

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